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The entire procedure, administration and regulations involved in international shipping may appear intimidating. Nonetheless, you can be a prosperous intercontinental shipper without getting jammed up in the systemisation of logistics. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service.


We deliver international ocean freight forwarding services to large and small companiesWe are a connected part of our customer’s export department, offering assistances in warehousing, bill of lading documentation and customs documentations both in the UK and at destination.
We also offer Less than a Container Load (LCL) / Group Shipping Services


You can do a collective cargo shipping with your family or friends to save cost. No matter the diverse pick up locations, we can handle it. Don’t worry if your goods won’t make a full container, we offer less than a container load services, where your goods will be loaded in a container with other goods heading to the same destination. We will handle everything from collection from your house to delivery at destination


In such a cost-efficient manner, you can send your smaller or urgent cargo using our air cargo services.Working closely with our partners at various UK airports, we chose the best airline to take your goods safely to your chosen destination. Depending on where your goods are collected from, we can offer a next day air cargo service. The charge will depend on the weight and volume of your cargo, as well as how soon you want them to arrive at destination


This service is designed for our customers in Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone who fancy online shopping from UK wholesalers and retailers, who are unable to ship to them directly to their countries. We provide you with a UK delivery address, where the UK wholesaler or retailer can deliver your goods and we take it up from there by making sure that your goods get to Ghana, Nigeria or Sierra Leone safely. You can choose either our air or ocean freight depending of the weight and volume of your goods and how fast you want the goods to get to you. Alternatively, we can handle the whole process for you, from shopping to shipping


Residential pick up, commercial pick up………you name it! Just book a pick up date, we’ll take it from there. There may be additional charges for pickups during weekends and holidays.


No matter the type and kind of cargo you want to ship, with safety and reliability in focus, we havewe have the right kind of material handling equipment, making sure the job is done in less time.


Our warehousing and collection services is designed to cover your overflow, project work andfull time warehousing requirements. With a very good Inventory management and control, pallet storage, re-working, re-labelling, we can store your goods prior to shipment and also retain them at destination as you arrange your collection


It’s completely evident that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all-solution when it comes to trucking, as such, our all-encompassing understanding allows us to provide a reliable and flexible options to meet your capacity, cost and pickup date requirements.

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