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94 David Street, Glasgow, G40 2UH



12 years’ unbroken service on International freight forwarding route, with 10,000 square feet of warehousing space, our existing patrons are pleased with the work we have done for them and started to request for supplementary support. On the merit of our reputation, we launched a sub department, working with other organisations and businesses to acquire the required accredited skill, to provide our customers with the additional support needed. Because of this growth, we recruited new staff to join us and have remained faithful to our business. With a happy working environment and because of our philosophy, which encourages sharing of ideas and transparency, we have freight forwarding service level target of 99% safety, compliance with regulations and ‘on-time’ delivery. Our far-reaching services portfolio rapidly increases our geographical coverage and systematic operations. Our work methodology is quite simple – customer needs identification and improve service speed

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